Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boaz Mauda and the German TV

Boaz Mauda with Hind Laroussi in RTL Boulevard, a Dutch entertainment and gossip show.

They are making jokes on Boaz like : "Oh, he's short," "Oh, he grew up herding goats," "Oh, let's make fun of his being short again."

It seems they didnt learn anything from the past...

Watch Israeli Boaz Mauda Ke'ilo kan (As If Here) Eurovision Song Contest Hind with Your Heart Belongs To Me from the Netherlands.

Short clip from promo tour :


schwul-und-liberal said...

Netherlands are NOT Germany!!! Bad taste jokes are dutch, not german!!!

We in Germany love Boaz!!!

Srinivasan said...

hey care to link my blog??? i will also link u...rep me..